Andrew Badrot, C2 PHARMA CEO, speaks on working to mitigate risks for future crises like the COVID-19 pandemic

Andrew Badrot,
Chief Executive Officer, C2 PHARMA

“C2 PHARMA is a virtual manufacturing and distribution company specialized in establishing high-quality, redundant supply chains for complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from natural and synthetic origins. Our business model is rather unique for this industry, with a focus on building quality, reliability, and sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Rather than pouring money into owned production facilities, our time and money are invested in creating a supply network that manufactures quality APIs from sustainable, reliable sources under contract for us. We also work with affiliates for preferred access to services that further complement our goals.”

“To ensure that our goals are met, we have implemented a proprietary quality oversight model to fully validate CMO (contract manufacturing organizations) for end-to-end API life cycle management, and all CMO and testing laboratories are under comprehensive QAAs (quality assurance agreements) with audits conducted annually. Our unique approach to doing business requires a level of full transparency on activities that is built on deep partnerships. And this approach has paid off during the pandemic with no delays or gaps in the supply chain.

2020 has been a challenging year mentally, but from a business perspective, our team has stayed committed. We are getting ready to submit more than ten regulatory filings in the United States, Europe, and Asia before the end of 2021, and I am very proud of what we are achieving. We are setting a new standard across the industry.”

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