C2 PHARMA Receives DMF Approval in China for Pilocarpine Nitrate

Cork, Ireland 22nd November 2023 – C2 PHARMA,  the global leader in manufacturing and supplying ophthalmic and niche active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), announces the approval of a C-DMF for Pilocarpine Nitrate granted on 30 October 2023, an API manufactured by our Brazilian partner Anidro do Brasil.


Pilocarpine Nitrate is an ophthalmic API extracted from the Jaborandi plant and is primarily used for treating glaucoma and other specific diagnostic applications. C2 PHARMA the main supporter of the “Partnership for a Better World” initiative meant to drive sustainable principles and eco-friendly harvesting practices of the Jaborandi plant in the wild and emphasizes a commitment to prioritizing the overall well-being of farming communities and the environment. The initiative underscores C2 PHARMA’s active contribution to a more sustainable future in pharmaceutical manufacturing of APIs.


“After a rigorous four-year journey, we are proud to have met numerous requests from the Chinese Health Authorities (CDE) and are finally able to provide this API to the Chinese market” stated Regulatory Affairs Manager, Anastasia Motorina. “Collaboration was truly key here with our manufacturing partner Anidro do Brasil to implement the CDE requirements along with the help of our partner Guangzhou Greensyn.”

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C2 PHARMA is an Irish pharmaceutical group established in 2014. It manufactures and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APls) and complex chemical compounds obtained from synthetic and natural origins. We reach more than 200 pharmaceutical companies across the world. Customized GDP cold-chain logistics solutions are offered through our specialized affiliate, Logistics4Pharma.  R&D-scale contract synthesis services, analytical services, phytochemical profiling, and impurities manufacturing are provided via our affiliate, ASM Research Chemicals.


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Kaitlin Alarcon