C2 PHARMA Acquires Digoxin API Portfolio from Nobilus Ent to Guarantee Long-Term Quality and Supply Chain Security

  • C2 PHARMA secures long-term supply of this complex and essential active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).
  • A fully redundant supply of Digoxin API from C2 PHARMA will be available via two CMO manufacturing sources at Nobilus in Poland and Laurus Labs in India.

C2 PHARMA, a Luxembourg-based phytochemical and chemical pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution group, has acquired the Digoxin API product portfolio of Polish company, Nobilus Ent, self-developed and inherited from Roche/Galenus Mannheim. Through the agreement, C2 PHARMA is the product owner, and Nobilus is a manufacturing partner and releasing entity for the API. Parallel manufacturing to ensure redundancy is supported by long-term partner, Laurus Labs, an India-based API manufacturer with an impeccable track record.

Since 2014, Digoxin API availability has been frequently and severely disrupted causing shortages of product due to high levels of impurities and an unreliable supply chain. To mitigate the expected future impact of those Digoxin API shortages, C2 PHARMA has taken various actions, including this recent agreement, as well as setting up a fully independent supply chain for digitalis leaves and investing in a brand new, dedicated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with Laurus Labs in India.

“While this type of investment is unprecedented for such a niche product, we believe that it is the most responsible path to secure a quality, continuous supply of this complex and essential API,” CEO of C2 PHARMA, Andrew Badrot said. “With existing impurity and supply issues, and as regulatory authorities progressively tighten specifications, this places C2 PHARMA at the forefront of purification technology and process innovation for Digoxin API.” Tech transfer has been completed and validated, and the Digoxin API is currently in production at the Nobilus Ent and Laurus Lab sites. Purchases can be made directly from C2 PHARMA.