C2 PHARMA Opens Government and Research Access to Safety Stock of DIGOXIN API for Use in Potential COVID-19/Coronavirus Combination Treatment

Digoxin is extracted from the digitalis lanata plant. Due to the structure of the ingredient, it cannot be manufactured synthetically, so there is no way for API manufacturers to respond quickly to demand peaks. As the leading manufacturer of Digoxin API for the pharmaceutical industry, C2 PHARMA holds safety stocks to ensure supply as a standard operating procedure. Based on initial findings of ongoing research, the company has decided to open its safety stocks of Digoxin API to governments and to the global research community in order to meet any peaks in demand. In parallel, C2 PHARMA is offering samples of Digoxin API free of charge to bona fide members of the research community and clinicians working on COVID-19/Coronavirus efficacy trials.

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